The map has a small lock icon and when I click on it it ask me to enter a product key. At this point it looks like I might be sending my unit back after all. I agree with your earlier suggestion that Navman should extend the free map update service for a further 1 year to compensate all customers whom have bought these units but it should be extended from when they get this issue fixed Hi warren and drecons, Thanks for your patience and for providing us with all this feedback. My “first use” date is ” We’re now testing this icon issue on 7. Although, I have a couple of issues that I have already mentioned that I would like a response to:

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If you still have issues after this, please let me know. After some to and froing with Navman Support refer to page 3 above in this thread where they offered us to trade-in on the new models and the admission that navmab Platinum S wasn’t being updated correctly with maps, I agreed to trade-in my old unit on a new MYLMT.

Do they understand the problem or not? We do not match pricing from overseas resellers. The 4WD Icon has gone missing on mine too.

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Only noticed after installing 7. Google’s larger Pixel XL whips up an ace Android experience. I found the box and the CD and everything else, still looking Large, but not too large screen. Our team is currently looking into this missing icon issue and I hope to have an answer for you shortly. I was bringing these errors to Navman’s attention via their Facebook page but after 3 or 4 entries they wanted only private messages and when I wanted to stay public they banned me from all comments on their Facebook page, along with a lot of other people i have noticed.


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Kind Regards, Navman Support. I tried it again just now What navmaan does is prompt that a new update is available, but the update it wants me to download is V Regards, Navman Support still nothing The problem that arises when you have Software that is supposed to be “one software for many different units”, is that when you add mg60t new hardware unit and you haven’t thoroughly tested the software on ALL previous hardware it is supposed to support, then you get bitten by an older product that doesn’t behave as it should anymore.

If I move icons around there I then lose those Icons on my Navman. If you receive several options, select v At nafman point it looks like I might be sending my unit back after all.

Navman MY60T latest map update – GPS – Gadgets

It was a pleasant drive with much less traffic than the way I usually go from where I was. It will turn off when battery is low or you put into “sleep” mode when stopped press button for 2 secs.

I tried my best to be factual rather than emotional in the issues I raised as I felt they were valid points that needed to be addressed.

My only hope is that at some stage soon Navman rectify whatever the issue is with downloading and installing map updates so that this is not an ongoing issue. Hi Not Happy, If you are willing to provide your Serial Number, we may be able to track the first use date, and determin the warranty status on the device. Or you can call me, you have my number. I really don’t want to send this back again to Navman Whilst I appreciate Navman Support’s attempts, if the issue isn’t resolved in a timely manner, I won’t be buying or recommending Navman products again.


From some quick googling, it looks like the MY75 was announced on the 2nd of August. I’m afraid I haven’t been supplied with a confirmed release date yet, but when I have one, I will confirm it here, or if you’d like to send me your contact details, I can let you know directly?

This too has taken up a few hours of fiddling around. One interesting point he raised when he rang at 10pm was to make a new destination folder for maps that has never been used before, as even if you erase any old maps from the current my maps folder, a ‘footprint’ so to speak is left behind.

I have proven that the maps are 3 to 4 years out of date even with the regular updates.

Your feedback during this process is very valuable, so thanks for taking the time to write your points to us Warren. Can you tell me what version mapdata you are using?

Downloaded the latest map update for my Navman MY60T. Took under a week to send off the old unit and receive the new one.