The q language 3. Autowired ; import org. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Still have no luck with PreparedStatement execution though. But whenever I try to run other queries, then the code gives me error, for example, for the following code: JdbcTemplate ; import java.

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Amazon Storage Gateway D.

In my case, using native API in not an option, unfortunately. IOException ; import java.

Eclipse Community Forums: BIRT ยป connecting to kdb

Email Required, but never shown. The q language 3. DBCP avoids some complexity which can be introduced by other connection pool managers.

I am able to execute the following code to select all the data from the table: Sign up using Email and Password. You can add it as a build dependency or add to your local maven repo and use it as a maven dependency.

Interfacing Java Spring with kdb

We kfb going to use Spring Boot with jdbc starter. But whenever I try to run other queries, then the code gives me error, for example, for the following code: I have tried to execute that as well, but the error still remains the same. ResultSetStatement ,! It is the complete stack trace. ResultSet ; import java. For example, it handles jfbc in the pool that have become invalid say due to a database restart by automatically reconnecting.


The jdbc implementation makes it easy to interface with a kdb database providing higher level methods to establish jdbd database connection, parse the returned object. JdbcTemplate ; import java. The classic way to access a kdb server from java is via the c class.

In practice, this means that any single query or sequence of queries if executed in a single JDBC call will be executed in isolation without noticing the effects of other queries, and modifications made to the database will always be permanent. Here I am handling only the SQLException s and masking all the others – which generally is not a good practice.

jdbc kdb connection url string – Kdb+ / qStudio

You can find the complete project here. To summarize, I am able to do only simple selection of data and nothing else.

I have updated the corrected code. You can do away with all the SQL cuteness and run q statements directly by prefixing q statements with q. SpringBootApplication ; import org. Apart from that NullPointerException is generated if a statement returns nothing upon execution such as assignment expressions somevar: CallableStatement or Statement interfaces.


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InputStreamReader ; import java. Sign up using Facebook. CommandLineRunner ; import org.

ResultSetMetaData ; import java. An SQLException is generated if execution of the query fails. Evn when I try selection queries with aggregation functions, I use to get similar error. SpringApplication ; import org.