I know that parity initialisation of a RAID-5 array can take some time but it’s still running after 2. I didn’t realize your setup didn’t have it. You have entered an incorrect email address! Also please reference the release notes if possible. The first step is to insert the BBU cable into the battery as can be seen below: Please enter your comment! HP really shouldn’t sell any of these controllers without cache modules and batteries.

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If you have the latter installed, can you provide the output of: I agree for performance reasons but reliability depends upon how reliable. We have the cache, just not the battery backup.

This 2nd array is currently in use for one ph virtual disk so I could shut the target machine down, move the virtual disk to another drive and try rebuilding. As one can see, the other end of the BBU cable installs into the white connector previously shown on the memory module. MarkM – no, I bought a controller that fitted the requirements we needed from eBuyer which happened to be made by HP in the same way it could have been made by LSI Logic.

Last Drivers  P48533 VM DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Arrya kind of expected a much smaller array on faster drives 15k SAS versus 7. May I ask how you’re monitoring this?

Some people next insert the cable to the memory, however I like to install the memory first as sometimes the cable restricts free movement of the module. HP really shouldn’t sell any of these controllers without cache modules and batteries. Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Sign up using Email and Password. Might I suggest either a raid 1 or You have entered an incorrect email address!

HP re-branded ones and suspect it’s not specifically some incompatability with just Dell. As one can see, this MB module fit in just like a SODIMM or small version of a regular memory module slot with the white latches locking the module into place.

HP Smart Array P411 SAS RAID Controller P/n 572531-b21

Also, the kits to expand the memory size are also widely available and the HP Smarh was made to easily upgrade. Please enter your comment! Post as a guest Name. Please enter your name here. Do you think something has gone wrong or am I being unpatient and for some reason, the status not increasing is normal?


The arrau step is to insert the BBU cable into the battery as can be seen below:. Thanks for the link, will schedule some downtime of the SAN to upgrade. Will make this answer much stronger. Sign up using Facebook.


How to Install/ Upgrade Memory and a BBU on a HP Smart Array P411

But for cost, RAID-5 is a good compromise. The current version is 5. Xmart the controller creates the logical drive, you can access the storage volume which has full fault tolerance.

The time it takes depends on o411 size of the logical drive and the load on the controller. I would recommend against using RAID 5 for deployments these days for performance and reliability reasons. From the HP Smart Array o411. Rob Nicholson 6 19 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

If so including it your answer will help. Thursday, November 8, Since HP sells a ton of servers, and the P is a popular card, it is widely available from many sources. So, just let me sum things up here.