Your adversary may be hoping that you do. Here are the keys I realized. This, it is important to question him with respect to exactly what he has reviewed in reaching the opinion he expresses, what facts he may have been given by defense counsel, and what discussions, if any, he has had with the defendant. This is not target practice. After the direct examination, other attorneys in attendance have an opportunity to cross-examine the witness. Too many lawyers are falling into the trap of turning over so many of their responsibilities and duties to others.

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In Canada, the process is nearly identical deposlng that followed in the United States, but the proceeding is called an examination for discovery.

There is a good psychological reason for that: Be long on preparation but follow the KIS approach in drafting depossing questions — keep it simple. And even in fishing, you know what you are fishing for, what rod, reel, deefendant and lure to use. Often the nurse’s notes contain the most honest statements in the entire medical record. Planning, Preparation and Purpose. Nearly all bad answers in deposition can be traced to answering too quickly with too little reflection.

In almost all cases pending in United States federal courtsdepositions are carried out under Rule 30 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Turn in a Powerful Deposition, Doctor Defendant

However, it is rare that this will happen with much success. In a recent case a leading expert that I had retained strongly disagreed on certain refendant points raised in the defense expert report and wanted me to engage in a star wars deposition.


Carefully compare the original records to copies previously obtained to be sure that the copies are exact duplicates. Paralegals and lawyers have their places and their responsibilities. Do not be a stuffed shirt either.

Use doctor talk rather than lay terms in your questioning.

Mistakes Experiences Lawyers Make in Deposing the Opposing Party

Putting these recommendations into practice takes work. The trial winners knew that the careful planning, taking and artful using of depositions greatly impacted on the outcome of the case. You ask a question and out comes an obvious prepared speech skirting past your question.

Instead, you should show your personal best. This is not a private battle you are bringing on behalf of your expert against their expert or key witnesses. A missing consultant’s report, a sheet of nurse’s notes, or a page of doctor’s orders may be crucial. But the prepared, professional and authoritative lawyer will become the leader at the deposition. At a minimum, the following should be done:.

Part 1 — Interpretation: Do not go for the bait designed to throw you off track.

Instead, you should understand your advantage. This works just as well when used with the defendant’s experts when they are cross-examined.

Deponent cannot change his statements on the deposition transcript, but under rule 30 e they can correct on additional ” errata sheet” any mistakes in the deposition transcript shortly after the testimony has been typed and bound. You have certainly learned how to handle his lack of credibility before defensant jury and you may depoeing to do it all again at trial so the jury can see how on very basic points the witness is totally evasive and uncooperative.


Turn in a Powerful Deposition, Doctor Defendant | Persuasive Litigator

At a minimum, the following should be done: Contrary to some schools of thought, I like to take the doctor’s deposition in his office where he is surrounded by books, journals, articles, and all of derendant records including his billing records.

The plaintiff’s lawyer may thus anticipate a need for judicial ruling and hold the deposition where a judge is available. This occurs when a witness may not be able to testify at trial. Owing to the natural fact that doctors make their living in medicine rather than law, that disconnect is predictable. It may be a lease agreement or patent information as the case may be. Since the judge is not present, ths other objections, in particular those involving the rules of evidenceare generally preserved until trial.

The booklet will have the case caption the name of the court, case number, and names of the parties on the front.

You really can not get a handle on what discovery is all about until you see how it successfully or unsuccessfully fits into the trial of a case.