The hard drive in the D is certainly above par for the average ultraportable. So I recommend boosting memory up to 1GB so it has plenty to share with graphics. But I really dig a bit of a darker look to a laptop, and the Dell D with its dark charcoal grey and silver finish is rather striking. I like the computer because of its durability and because it is compact. The memory is not dual channel DDR2, just single channel. The silver latch on the screen adds a nice finishing touch and professional look. Back side view larger image.

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We use the program Super Pi to get a benchmark of processor speed.

Intel Pentium M 2. Printer, mouse, optical drive, even an external full-sized keyboard. The speaker is an 8-ohm, 1-W speaker and thereby neither produces great sound or volume.

Below are some benchmarks pitting the X41 1. You know how annoying that process is if you go through such a routine.

Dell Latitude D410

The Dell X1 has no vents, it uses passive cooling. You get some Dell Quickset software apps that allow you to quickly set screen brightness, power management and screen presentation mode.

The chassis uses a tri-metal blend of aluminum, magnesium and steel while the case shell is constructed of a very rigid plastic on the body and keyboard area. On the Latitude X1 there are zero.


Dell Latitude D410 Review (pics, specs)

Battery The Dell D offers great battery dell. I used the 9-cell battery during a 35 hour trek back from Hong Kong many flight transfers and delays involved in that trip and squeezed 7 hours of use out of the 9-cell battery. On the left we have from front to back, a large air vent, infrared sensor, another air vent, 1 USB 2.

I can get better range on my ThinkPad T40, this is mostly due to the fact the antenna on the ThinkPad is housed in the screen. Media bay solution for D view larger image With the D you can use any of the available Latitude series port replicator devices.

Dell Latitude D Specs – CNET

I have this Dell Latitude D Notebook that I bought from a friend but discovered afterwards that the spacebar, which is part of the keyboard is faulty. Calculating to 2 million digits is our benchmark. The screen on the D is a I am a Nigerian and precisely I am resident in Delta State. Memory The D has two user accessible memory slots and you can configure up to 2GB of memory.

Visit our network of sites: Dell Latitude D with extended life battery view larger image. Bottom side view larger image. I mentioned before that the D was a champ in terms of the wrist rest area staying cool and comfortable. Below are the options you get for a hard drive in the D Built-in wifi is standard on the D, the Right side view larger image Right side: Docking and Expansion Solution With an ultraportable notebook an important part of the equation is knowing how you can use your notebook while at home or in the office.


I know I can learn to love a notebook if it has a pointing stick.

It reminds me a bit of the Fujitsu LifeBook styling, which I like a lot. Memory speed of up to MHz is supported. The layout of this notebook is rather odd in a few ways.

Conclusion The Latitude D ends up being a nicely designed notebook with a great power to size ratio. The key travel and feedback are excellent. The battery is located at the front of the notebook, this is a first for me. The Latitude D ends up being a e410 designed notebook with a great power to size ratio.